Lindsay Lohan is fighting allegations that she hit a nightclub manager with her Porsche whilst negotiating a three point turn to leave the Sayers Club in Hollywood last Wednesday.  

"Lindsay has told her attorney, Shawn Holley, to convey to the Hookah manger's lawyer that if he files a lawsuit against her Lindsay will come back at him with everything she has," a source told Radar. "Lindsay will immediately file a counter-suit against him, for libel, defamation and other claims."

The nightclub manager that Lindsay allegedly hit has come under fire for changing his story several times. Apparently, at the scene of the accident the nightclub manager was adamant that he was not struck by any vehicle. However, shortly thereafter he hired a lawyer and filed a statement claiming Lindsay ran over his foot with her Porsche. 

We have a sneaky suspicion that the nightclub manager is milking the situation for everything its worth, but now that Lilo is threatening to counter-sue, perhaps dude will be inclined to fall back and take the L.

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