Former employees of the UK retailer Game, which recently shut down all of its locations in Ireland and many in England, are currently staging sit-ins at store locations to demand redundancy payments. The ex-workers claim that they were informed of their redundancy via telephone, without the proper notice required by Irish law, and were told to petition the government for the redundancy payments that they believe are owed to them by the company.

They say that materials provided to them concerning those payments had to do with UK law, not Irish law, and that employees are occupying 11 stores across the country. There are only 14 Game stores in all of Ireland, so we guess the staff at the other three must have missed the memo.

"Game employees risk losing their homes and the security they provide for their families," the group writes on its Facebook page. "As you can imagine, staff are frightened and anxious for their futures. We are also worried for the futures of the next Irish workers that will be put into this same situation. The Irish economy cannot sustain itself as it currently stands, never mind having to pay what is legally due to Irish workers of foreign businesses and branches of such who leave the country rather than fulfill their obligations."

Game stores are clearly in dire straits, but have they unlawfully abandoned their former employees in Ireland? Hopefully this gets sorted out soon. Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.