Passengers on JetBlue flight 191 from JFK International to Las Vegas were treated to a spectacle yesterday morning when a deranged man allegedly began screaming that they "say their prayers" and started trying to break into the cockpit. That man was the Captain. 

According to one passenger, the Captain was heard screaming "Iran! Iraq! Pray to God with me!" Another passenger says she heard him yelling "I NEED THE CODE! I NEED THE CODE!" and another report claims he was foaming at the mouth and blathering about a bomb.

An off-duty cop and an off-duty JetBlue pilot eventually took him down, but not before passengers captured the meltdown on their phones. A government official says the co-pilot locked the captain out of the cockpit after noticing his erratic behavior, and the plane was forced to land in Amarillo, Texas.

At least he didn't start Konying.

And here's another:

[via Gothamist]

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