Adventure Time is one of the weirdest and best shows on television, and it's about to become one of the weirdest and best games on DS (hopefully). The show's creator, Pendleton Ward, has announced on Twitter that he'll be working "so so close" with WayForward Technologies, a company that's been creating licensed titles for over two decades, on the Adventure Time game for DS. It's set to come out "later this year sometime."

The developer's track record may be hit-or-miss, but with Ward on board we're hoping that the game will turn out mathematical. Not literally, though.

Some confusion arose when Ward first tweeted the news, as he claimed initially (according to reddit) that it would be a 3DS game. That message has since been deleted, and Ward's clarified that the game is for DS. That's likely because the DS simply has a larger install base at this time, though it's a shame that titles that could really move 3DS systems—like this and Pokemon Black and White Versions 2—are being held back to the safer, older system.

Either way, this GIF (also tweeted by Ward) sums up how we feel about the Adventure Time game. And we're hoping it'll bear some small resemblance to this retro-ish mockup from a while back. Are you ready for the lumpiest tea party ever? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter. And don't forget: never trust old people.

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