The Independent Games Festival (IGF), part of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, has announced the winners of their 14th annual indie game awards. Phil Fish's Fez took home the top spot as the Best Indie Game, but there were plenty more awards to go around.

Beat Sneak Bandit stole the spot for Best Mobile Game, while Dear Esther won for Excellence in Visual Art, Antichamber achieved Technical Excellence, Spelunky received excellence in design, and Botanicula won Excellence in Audio.

Daniel Benmergui's game Storyteller earned the Nuovo award (and $5,000) for abstract games, CMU Entertainment Technology Center/Coco & Co received Best Student Game for Way, and Frozen Synapse went home with the Audience Choice Award.

Finally, Capybara's Super T.I.M.E. Force won a publishing deal on Xbox Live Arcade through the Microsoft-sponsored XBLA Award.

If you weren't sure what indie games are worth playing right now, these winners should give you a pretty good idea (but not Fez, because it's still not out). Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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