Following the emergence of the first in-game screenshots from Halo 4 early this morning is 343 Industries' first video dev diary on the game. The new studio is particularly concerned with making their own mark on the series' legacy, as Bungie's done such a great job for so many years. 343 wants to keep the best parts of the series while adding in enough new to differentiate their trilogy.

They're also focusing a lot on the Master Chief and telling a more personal story for him, something that's only been explored before in other mediums like comics, books and anime. But that doesn't mean they're neglecting multiplayer; they're also showing off the new maps Wraparound and Warhouse, which they're building from scratch rather than taking from campaign environments.

One super interesting nugget is that the Spartans you'll be playing in multiplayer are Spart IVs—the Chief is a Spartan II. The IVs are more agile in the books, so it'll be interesting to see how that affects multiplayer gameplay.

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