This is just flat out evil.

A group of Girl Scouts were selling cookies outside of a Wal-Mart in Fort Bend County, Texas on Saturday afternoon when some dude jumped out of a car, acted like he wanted to buy cookies, and stole their box of money. Who steals from Girl Scouts?

However, two fiery girls put up a fight. Iravia Cotton and Rachel Johnson ran up to the car to confront the thief, and Cotton actually tapped his jaw one good time:

I started hitting the boy that was in the passenger seat. So I think he ... learned his lesson a little bit.

The suspects fled the scene in a Black Camry, and the front license plate was covered. In total, they made away with $200, which the Girl Scouts will have to pay back themselves.


It doesn't get more black-hearted than that.

[via KCTV5]

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