Thanks to a little movie called Jaws, we'll always fear the ocean. No number of documentaries about diminishing shark populations or their hesitation to approach, much less attack, humans will change this—primarily because, for every one of those pro-shark flicks, there are several more movies like Steven Spielberg's classic 1975 horror flick that reinforce the image of them as blood-thirsty, prehistoric predators.

The latest is John Stockwell's thriller Dark Tide, in which Halle Berry, who's looking to revive her career, plays a diver traumatized by a shark attack who reluctantly returns to South Africa's Great White Shark-infested waters to tutor a big spending thrill-seeker, after she's urged by her old partner and boyfriend (Unfaithful's Olivier Martinez). Based on the trailer, we're already pissing our wet suit. With this new deep-sea nightmare hitting screens on Friday (then DVD and Blu-ray on 4/24), we take a look back at the scariest and funniest bloodletting in a bite-sized gallery of The Best Shark Attacks In Movies.

Written by Justin Monroe (@40yardsplash)

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