The world's Mad Men obsession has officially hit a new high (or is it a low?). The entirety of the Internet has became a veritable shrine to Don Draper (Jon Hamm), and the Mad Men meme-meter has been on 10 thanks to Draper death estimates, abundant false spoilers, and those controversial subway posters.

And just when we thought inundation was imminent for Mad Men, #draping arrived. With planking having long lost its luster, and tebowing on the decline, the time was ripe for an easily imitable craze, and Don Draper swooped in for the win.

#Draping pays homage to the spare opening credits of Mad Men, which feature Don falling amidst an array of advertising symbols (elaborate metaphors, if we know creator Matthew Weiner). When the last credits are rolling, we see Don in all his nonchalant glory, casually draping an arm over his chair, cigarette suspended between two fingers. Thus, this glorious meme was born. Get it? Draper? Draping?

We can't say why Twitter has became so enamored with recreating this pose, or why someone devoted an entire Tumblr to the craze, but we're into it. We wrangled up the most inventive incarnations of Don's legendary pose for your viewing (and imitating) pleasure. Throw an arm out, and take in The 10 Best #Draping Photos.

Written by Shanté Cosme (@ShanteCosme)

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