Mode 7 Games have thought of a devious way to protest the fact that BioWare's considering changing the ending to Mass Effect 3, while at the same time garnering great publicity for their PC strategy title Frozen Synapse: they're changing their own ending.

After closely considering community suggestions like "moar ponies", "moar dinosaurs" and something "moist" yet "dolphin-proof," Mode 7 devised a brand new ending for Frozen Synapse. It's replacing the original ending for the rest of the week, so get cracking if you want to see what compromised artistic integrity looks like.

“I don’t mean this to be critical of Bioware even slightly,” Mode 7's Paul Taylor told RPS. "It’s just an experiment. I was so bowled over and fascinated just by the fact that such a change would even be considered, so I thought I’d see how it felt to do it."

RPS would like to get a movement going (replete with hashtag #changethegame) wherein other indie devs give their games new, equally idiotic endings. Maybe BioWare will see how silly it is to compromise on their own vision then.

“I definitely think all indie devs should do this,” said Taylor. “It is very enlightening and a bit like a creative enema.”

That sounds good to us! Should BioWare still listen to that vocal group of fans and #changethegame, or does Mode 7 have a point? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.