This might be the best potential recruiting scandal to date.

Emperor's Gentleman’s Club and Steakhouse and Riviera Beach said fuck waiting for graduation and posted a “Now Hiring Class of 2012” sign outside of their establishment. Broward New Times reached out to the strip club, and while an employee said the sign was “more or less a joke,” it is, in fact, accepting applications.

Their Tampa location was sued by a pissed off mom after her 16-year-old daughter was hired as a nude dancer and earned a spot in Night Moves magazine after using a fake ID to get the job. The little hustler was even featured in ads and videotaped at work, which could’ve caused all kinds of problems. Traci Lords, anyone?

Anyway, this would probably be more exciting than the average post-grad summer job. They need to change that sign to “18 and over only,” and exercise a bit more scrutiny during that application process.

[via Daily Mail UK]

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