The first in-game images from Halo 4 have finally emerged, after almost a year of silence from the series' new developers at 343 Industries. The two shots above, according to source, are 100% undoctored, and they accurately represent the current graphical fidelity of what's been shown so far.

The lighting looks good, though the Master Chief hasn't changed much. Unsurprising, considering he's been in cryo-sleep for an undisclosed period of time, but hey. The dude could use a wardrobe change. Maybe he'll find some new MJOLNIR armor on that mysterious planet.

By the way, the game's principal engine programmer, Corrinne Yu, recently tweeted that Halo 4 is "the best looking game on Xbox and any other consoles we ever made and we're all from AAA studios." So there's that. What do you think of the game's look so far? What would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.