This is a raucous tale of love, violence, and substance abuse.

23-year-old Kenneth Stewart of Glenolden, Pennsylvania stormed the lobby of the Upper Darby Township police station last week looking to free his girlfriend, who had been arrested for public intoxication. Stewart brought a friend with him, too—a fully-loaded TEC-9.

"High off more than weed," as Hov would say, Stewart got into a struggle with two officers after threatening to shoot them. His drug-induced state allowed him to withstand the beating, but the weapon did discharge. The wily Stewart had to be tased to the point of spitting up blood.

Before you commend this dude for being the ultimate ride-or-die boyfriend, keep in mind that attacking his girl at a bowling alley is what jumped off all this fuckery.  According to police, this dude has a rap sheet as long as Scottie Pippen's arms.

He's just a wild boy, and now that wild boy is being held on $250,000 bail. Cash only.

[via NBC Philadelphia]

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