Those little videos you make as "jokes" always find their way to the Internet, kind of like this video. What you see above is Jedidiah Jenkins, Director of Ideology for Jason Russell’s Invisible Children, appearing to damage the organization's credibility in a serious way.

The video, which TMZ got its hands on, shows Jenkins celebrating after the charity won a $1 million grant. In between taking a handle of Smirnoff to the head, Jenkins jokes that he should keep $900,000 for himself.

The footage looks to be from 2010, but if you donated money to the organization “dedicated” to finding African warlord Joseph Kony, we’ll give you a moment to regret it. Jenkins has released a statement saying that the Smirnoff bottle was filled with water, and that the video was just a joke that he refuses to apologize for.

Meanwhile, Jason Russell is somewhere having yet another naked meltdown. Probably.

[via TMZ]

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