The murder of 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi, an Iraqi mother of five who moved to the U.S. two decades ago, has sparked national outrage. Machines had kept Alawadi alive since Wednesday morning, when she was found severely beaten in her El Cajon, California, home. She was taken off life support Saturday afternoon.

Alawadi’s 17-year-old daughter, Fatima Al Himidi, says her mother was “beaten on the head repeatedly with a tire iron.” What's even more disturbing is the threatening note found near Alawadi’s body. It read: Go back to your own country. You're a terrorist.”

That was the second hateful note discovered at the house. Still El Cajon Police Lieutenant Mark Coit has not confirmed that this was a hate crime.

Many have drawn comparisons to Alawadi’s hijab—the traditional head covering that could have made her a target—to Trayvon Martin’s hoodie. Neither article of clothing, nor anything else, should have cost Alawadi or Martin their lives.

[via The Atlantic Wire]

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