Get your pitchforks and outside voices ready, because rumor has it Microsoft's next Xbox console will be totally lacking in one seemingly crucial area: it won't have a disc drive.

"BUT IF GAMES AREN'T ON DISCS THEN WHERE ARE THEY?" we can hear you screaming right now. The rumor comes from MCV, whose shady undisclosed sources claim to be under the strictest NDA ever—an NDA which, if real, they've just clearly broken.

Microsoft hunting them down for sport aside, could they actually be telling the truth? We doubt Microsoft would go full digital, since that didn't exactly end well when Sony tried it with the PSP Go. Then again, the Xbox's digital distribution channel is a lot more well-established than the PlayStation Store was when the Go launched. So we won't rule it out.

The article mentions, though, that the new console will also be compatible with "some sort of interchangeable solid-state card storage," which could ostensibly refer to something as simple as cartridges. We admit that might not have even occurred to us if we hadn't read this blog post hyping the idea, but it might be sort of awesome if it's true.

No matter what, Microsoft's sure to keep a tight lid on this until they're ready to announce something official. The rumors state the console's coming in 2013, so we might even hear something as early as E3 in June. Keep your fingers crossed, and let us know in the comments or on Twitter what you think.