The Onimusha series was a staple in past console generations, even if its individual titles were rather hit or miss. They combined samurai swordplay and feudal Japan with the supernatural in a very Resident Evil way, but still managed to stand apart quite well. There hasn't been an Onimusha title in several years, but it looks like the series will finally be making a triumphant return—to browsers.

Onimusha Soul is Capcom's upcoming first browser game, announced today. Like past Onimusha games, Soul will once again concern feudal Japan, specifically the Warring States period, and players will fill the roe of warlords as they expand their states and train commanders to fight other players.

It's a "Sengoku simulation RPG." Hopefully some demons will fit in there somewhere so it can feel like a real Onimusha game. Would you be interested in the core series making a return to consoles, or is this more what you're looking for these days? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.