Address: 48 Bowery

Open till 4 a.m. every damn day, Yummy Noodle is ideal for cases of late-night munchies or the after-club rendezvous.

I started with the Peking duck sandwich, which comes wrapped in a snow-white bao bun and is served with a side of sweet plum sauce. It's perfect finger food that preps you for the courses to come.

Like the wonton soup, all chewy noodles and robust pork in a seafood-flavored broth.

The bacon fried rice feeds 3-to-4 people easily. This egg, pea and green onion mix is perfect for preemptively fighting a hangover (or fighting a real one the next day). Cooked correctly, the peas still crunch, a necessary freshness that combats the fattiness of the bacon.

And all this comes in for under $20.