Address: 1 Doyers St.
Website: n/a

Authentic, hand-made and fresh are the nicest words one can use when describing a noodle house. Thankfully, they're all necessary when speaking about Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles, a tucked away shop on Doyers.

I ordered the roasted duck hand-pulled noodles, as well as the noodle soup with pork-stuffed fish balls. In the roast duck bowl, I found essentially half of an entire duck, succulent and tasty. The floating greens included spinach and scallions in a light broth.

Each table provides certain condiments: soy sauce, chili sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, and extra cilantro. The crew at Hand-Pulled wants you to eat your dish the way you like it.

The noodle soup with pork-stuffed fish balls was my favorite. With each bite of the fish ball, you get a scrumptious pork ball, perfectly cooked (see the photo above). Bok choi and scallions float atop the mild broth, barely concealing the generous portion of al dente noodles lurking below the surface.

Each noodle dish is under $6, the perfect price.