Bioware must have run out of time toward the end of Mass Effect 3's development, as it's become apparent that at least two seemingly crucial images from the game are not exactly original creations. If you haven't beaten the game yet (or at least the quarians' storyline), you might want to stop reading here and just take our word for it.

Here's a handy image from reddit summing it up quite nicely. One image is the long-awaited unveiling of teammate Tali's face, which turns out to be a barely-doctored stock photo from Getty that anyone can use. The other is from the end of the game, and it's pretty heavily inspired by this image from a deviantART user.

This seems pretty dang lazy on Bioware's part, especially considering how important these moments are to fans. Would it have really been that much more effort to just draw a picture of an alien? As one redditor pointed out, there are hundreds of fan-made images of Tali that show a lot more care for the character. And as another pointed out, this is even worse than the Master Chief's face (see video above).

On the other hand, stock images are used all the time in film and other mediums. This is probably more common than most gamers think.

Did Tali fans get their hopes up too high and set themselves up for disappointment, or should Bioware have put a little more effort in? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.