We reported a couple days ago on the joyous news that the unfortunate lawsuit between Minecraft studio Mojang and Elder Scrolls company Bethesda ZeniMax over the use of the name "Scrolls" has been settled. Mojang head Notch revealed the settlement via Twitter, stating that he'd use the name Scrolls for his upcoming game, but Bethesda would have the trademark.

But that's not all. ZeniMax released a statement today confirming the settlement, and there's at least one more detail that Notch failed to mention: we hope Mojang wasn't planning a sequel to Scrolls, because they won't be allowed to use the word "scrolls" in its title, or the title of any future video game.

"We are pleased to have settled this matter with Mojang amicably,” Robert Altman, Chairman and CEO of ZeniMax, said in a press release. “The Elder Scrolls is an important brand to us, and with this settlement we were able to protect our valuable property rights while allowing Mojang to release their digital card game under the name they preferred.”

Maybe they can call the next game Rolls of Parchment or Tied Tubes of Vellum. Either way, it sounds like everyone involved in the suit is pleased with the outcome. What your opinion? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.