According to a report from paidContent, BBC is looking to put its enormous archive of shows online for purchase and download for about $3.00 per episode. Think HBO GO meets iTunes.

Though the move probably won’t include every show over the course of the BBC’s 85-year history as Britain’s foremost TV network, users could still see popular series the likes of "Dr. Who," "The Office," "Luther," etc. all make their way into the service currently codenamed “Project Barcelona.”

Ambitious in scope, the project has a long ways to go in terms of resolving the necessary legalities. First and foremost, only 7% of BBC’s catalog is licensed to them. Also, as a publicly funded entity, the cost to the average citizen of creating this service needs to be clarified, as well. Though it does have one thing going for it: content creators will be motivated to partner up since the BBC will pay them 50% more of the revenue splits than iTunes currently does.

Of course, the service will likely go live in Britain first before it makes its way into other markets.

[via Mashable]

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