The news that Baldur's Gate is getting remade as an "Enhanced Edition" hasn't even cooled, and more info is already flowing (or more precisely, tweeting) in. Joystiq's got a roundup of everything that's been said of the project in the last 24 hours, during which we were busy actually playing video games.

In short, Beamdog Creative Director Trent Oster revealed that Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition is also in the works, and that both games will also be getting their respective expansion packs in the deal: BG 1 will have Tales of the Sword Coast, and 2 will have Throne of Bhaal.

Other tweets reveal that Overhaul Games is "fixing the broken bits" of the multiplayer, and that there's a chance your original save file will still work, as they haven't yet had to alter the saved game format.

The real question is still whether these classic games will be coming to consoles—there's been no hint yet of the platforms, besides that PC is guaranteed. Are you excited to delve back into Baldur's Gate this summer? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.