Every now and then, the autocorrect feature on your SMS or e-mail platform comes in handy, saving you the embarrassment of misspelling words like “Wednesday,” “tomorrow” and whatever other vocabulary you glossed over in grade school. Where the feature really struggles, though, is shorthand and colloquialisms, often times totally screwing up our messages. 

Such was the case for an unnamed teen at a middle school in Gainesville, GA. Innocently typing “Gonna go to West Hall [High School] this afternoon,” he sparked an emergency when autocorrect transformed his message to “Gunman go to West Hall this afternoon.” The intended recipient panicked and alerted authorities. They then proceeded to lock the school down in fear of a repeat of Monday’s school shootings in Ohio. 

It was probably all for the better: the kids were safe. And now everyone knows a foolproof way of getting out of class.

[via Gizmodo