Yesterday, news came out that American Idol contestant Jermaine Jones - the 6'8" New Jersey native who'd been dubbed the season's "gentle giant" - had lied about family issues in order to gain sympathy votes from the audience. Namely, saying his father had abandoned him and his mother when he was ten, when in reality his father was sitting in the audience during filming of the show to support his son. Now, it looks like Jones lied about a lot more too, and the details prove that he's hardly the "gentle giant" everyone believes him to be.

According to TMZ, Jones has a history of violence and deception, and he's given fake names to cops during multiple recent incidences to avoid self-discovery. Producers say that Jones lied to them about his criminal background, and assured them that he hadn't been in a fight since high school when in reality he'd just been arrested for one in March of 2011.

Producers also say that Jones was "very aggressive" behind the scenes, and once "terrorized" a member of the staff because he didn't like his wardrobe for the night.

As a result of his behavior, Jones will be fired from the series in an episode airing tonight.

[via TMZ]