American Idol contestant Jermaine Jones - the 6'8" Pine Hill, New Jersey native dubbed as the "gentle giant" of the season - may not have as many issues with his father as he originally led audiences to believe. As in, there may be none.

Originally, Jermaine originally told Idol producers that his father abandoned him and his mother ten years ago, but now, out of the blue, was back because he saw Jermaine on the show. He was mad that his father would only come back now that he was on TV and "potentially rich," and that he wanted nothing to do with his father.

According to TMZ, however, this may have been completely fabricated by Jermaine himself in an attempt to gain America's sympathy and, thus, their votes. The gossip site spoke with Jermaine's father, Kevin Jones, who said that the story is "absurd" and that he "has had an ongoing relationship with the young man through the years and even had dinner with him on both Wednesday and Thursday night of last week." Additionally, he added that he was in the audience of the show last week to support Jermaine.

Idol producers say they are "shocked" that Jermaine would concoct such a story, and that it seems like he only did so to gain votes on the show. Good luck with that now, Jermaine!

[via TMZ]