Know when to stay and when to go 

You've been a selfless wingman all night. You've approached several groups of strange women on your boy's behalf, dialed down your ego, and even pulled some MacGyver moves on a grenade or two. Wingmanship has proved to be your forte, but you can easily lose the props (and the return favors) you're owed in the final round, the one that counts the most.

As the night winds down, as 4 a.m. approaches, you'll reach a crossroads. You'll either continue bomb-sniffing at the after-party, or leave the results of your matchmaking to their own designs. If your boy calls for overtime, don't try to bail on your shift. Follow through until you're off the hook.

Likewise, if young grasshopper is comfortable kicking it on his own, don't overstay your welcome; just quietly bow out.