For the past few months, Assassin's Creed fans have been speculating about the highly anticipated sequel. Where is it going to be set? Who will be the new protagonist? What kind of enemies will there be? Last week, the cover art along with a few screenshots leaked to the internet confirming rumors of the time period of AC3.

The rumored cover art (designed by comic book wizard Alex Ross) which has fans buzzing isn't going to be the one for the regular retail copy. You'll have to pre-order Assassin's Creed 3 in order to get that version. Check out 5 more important notes we took away from the demo we got to lay our eyes on.

1. It is set during the American Revolution.
This isn't much of a shocker given all the leaks over the past week or so. Yup, our main character will be bloodying up an old-school New York occupied by the British.

2. There will be a larger, more explorable map.
According to the folks over at Ubisoft, the vast wilderness that we see in the screenshots floating around are made to be explored. In addition to that, you'll be able to interact with nature such as fighting wild animals, using trees to your advantage and having to deal with the weather. This time around, there is a lot more ground to cover. In fact the AC3 map is 1 1/2x the size of Rome's map.

3. The main character is Native American and British. 
"Connor" is his name and he's from the Mohawk tribe of Native Americans. There were some traumatic events in his life that pushed him to become an assassin. That's all we know about him right now but more of his history will be explained later.

4. You will interact with historical people and events. 
Players will be able to get in on events like Paul Revere's ride, the battle on Bunker Hill and more. Don't expect any wild history altering events since everything will play out the same way but you can become a catalyst in all that stuff you've learned in school.

5. There will be new weapons and kills.
One of the new weapons joining the beloved sleeve blade and pistol comes a rope with an arrowhead on it. In a demo, Connor threw it into a an unsuspecting Red Coat, jumped down from a tree limb and hoisted his prey into the air. Even more brutal kills can be expected.

It's also worth noting that DLC for Assassin's Creed 3 is already finished.

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