Waking up at the ass-crack of dawn is a downer, but no one wants the unpleasant surprise of finding a snake in their toilet. Staten Island's Allen Shepard was just that lucky yesterday when he discovered a 4-foot California Kingsnake in his toilet bowl when he went to brush his teeth.

Though it's non-venomous, Shepard says the agitated serpent was "ready to strike" as he bounced to get a broom to defend himself. The snake attacked the broom, and Shepard was forced to spray it with Clorox Greenworks—which did nothing.

Forced to flee the bathroom, he called the super of his apartment, who then called the owner of the Mariners Harbor-based 1-800-CLOGGED Response Service Group. They arrived on the scene, removed the snake, and threw it in a cooler.

Its whereabouts are unknown, but the whole ordeal is one hell of an excuse to skip work.

[via Gothamist]

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