Status: Not in development

Paul Auster is one of literature’s best kept secrets. His novels are always gripping and enigmatic, yet you really have to be in-the-know to even be aware of him. And his most impressive achievement is the mind-bending detective tale, City of Glass.

The novel revolves around a writer named Daniel Quinn who masquerades as a private investigator after being mistaken for one on the phone. The detective that he is mistaken for is named Paul Auster. Curiously enough, Quinn bumps into another Paul Auster later on, who is the actual author of the novel put in the novel itself.

Confusing, right? This leads to a reality-bending, post-modern dilemma that explores the very nature of identity and reality itself. This piece of meta-fiction would make for a great meta-film done by the likes of Darren Aronofsky or Christopher Nolan.