It’s no secret that Hollywood is out of ideas. Instead of coming up with original scripts and plots, the movie industry depends heavily on comics, older films, and video games for its next big hit. But no form of entertainment has been as ravaged by Hollywood as literature.

Every year, countless movies are released that are based off of the hard work of authors from around the globe. In fact, out of the nine movies up for Best Picture this year at the failure-prone Academy Awards, five of them were adapted from novels.

This Friday marks the release of the latest novel-to-film adaptation, The Hunger Games, which was originally written as a young adult book by Suzanne Collins. In the same vein as Twilight and Harry Potter, The Hunger Games is set to be the first of three movies based on the trilogy of books. And with Hollywood eyeing every book as a potential million-dollar movie franchise, we have a few suggestions: 25 Novels That Should Have Movie Adaptations.

Written by Jason Serafino (@serafinoj1)

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