20. Chokey Chicken, in Rocko's Modern Life (1993-1996)

We'll be honest: Regardless of what KFC knock-off Chokey Chicken is serving up, the Rocko's Modern Life restuarant merits inclusion based on its name alone. It was a bold move for Nickelodeon, a children's network, to name the main hangout of Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt after a euphemism for masturbation, and an even bolder move to keep the clever logo for four whole seasons before changing it to the more innocuous Chewy Chicken.

Aside from discreet dirty jokes, Chokey Chicken also gets points for shamelessly serving up cannibal fare and prompting Hefer to scream an awesome Soylent Green reference ("Chokey Chicken is people! It's people!").