17. Krusty Burger, in The Simpsons (1989-present)

Krusty Burger, like most fast food joints, isn't exactly what you would call wholesome. Rather than trying to hide this fact by serving up parfaits and wilted salads, the Springfield eatery embraces its unhealthy image by employing a drug-addled clown, Krusty, as its mascot and serving the aptly-named Clogger, a pork sandwhich that promises the satisfaction that can only come from sky-high HDLs.

Sure, Krusty's burgers are "the unhealthiest fast-food item in the world,” and are made with recycled leftover meat, but they're "deep fried with love" and pair perfectly with a Partially Gelatinated Nondairy Gum-Based Beverage. Clearly, the latter is far more important when choosing a restaurant.

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