The animated Fox series Bob's Burgers just might be the most unappetizing show on television. In the show's first season, the fictional Belcher family's self-owned and operated burger joint managed to rack up health code violations for everything from cannibalism to pubic hair, but that hasn't dettered us from craving the cartoon's expedient return.

This Sunday, at 8:30 p.m. EST, Bob and his dysfunctional eatery will be back for a second season of culinary blunders. In the meantime, to help you work up an appetite for another serving of Bob's Burgers, we found the fictional eateries that have managed to both entertain and entice us with their fictional fare over the years.

Because, really, you can get a burger anywhere, but no piece of grub is ever more alluring than the one between the hands of imaginary person in a restaurant that doesn't exist. Get ready for some intense hunger pains as we salute 25 Fictional Restaurants We Want To Eat At.

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Written by Shante Cosme (@ShanteCosme)

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