Start a Record Label and Movie Studio

Some independent artists already treat Apple's iTunes Store as a record label in that it handles the distribution of their music. Why not go all the way and launch iTunes Records? The service could be the music version of Amazon's Kindle Single service that gives independent authors the ability to have their books edited and published digitally. We've seen artists like Joe Budden and Lil B try the all-digital approach with Amalgam Records; image that on a much larger scale with promotion and performances held at Apple's own stores. We know, we know: If it does start a label, it will probably get sued by the Beatles label, Apple Records, so, Apple should just it outright.

On the movie front, we don't see why Apple couldn't get its YouTube on and help independent filmmakers produce their projects. A main complaint about the short film market is that there's no place to see them. The only time many people hear about all the live action and animated short films is at the Academy Awards. Apple could change all of that by not only giving these artists a worldwide platform, but by helping them bring their ideas to fruition.