6. Cultivate an aura of inner torment. Feel at home in it. 

Don can glide across the room all he wants, but behind that cock-sure saunter, we get the sense that he's internally conflicted. There is an emotional unavaliability he gives off, and women are helplessly compelled by his bitersweet magnetism.

Don is a tortured soul, and we don't need that sad little shoebox of secrets to know that. It's visible in his extreme self-containment, and the slightly injured glint in his eye, and the way in which women get woozy when they catch a whiff of his damaged goods.

Even the most emotionally stable women (Rachel and Faye, for instance) are susceptible to Don's injured man allure, because in their eyes it makes him a prime candidate for change. He is a woman's version of a conquest, much like the hos you'd like to transform into housewives.

Take it from Don: If there is a modicum of available hope in you, women will cling to it, and put pressure on it, hoping to cultivate their own diamond in the rough. Show them that tortured lump of coal, and prey on their hope to make it more. And in the meantime, smile less.