10. Look and act like a gentleman (90% of the time).

Don's swagger, rather than being the product of artifice and ample fronting, is actually legit (even if his name is not). It's the unexpected result of who he is (and even who he is not) rather than someone he is trying to be. 

That being said, it wouldn't hurt if you dressed like Don. Invest in a suit that fits. Cut it out with that off-the-rack bullshit. Invest in your style. You might not have Don's pesos (Vulture estimated he makes about $322,000) but make a few smart investments that will take you the dapper distance.

Ample hair gel, and slick suits aside, Don embodies the quintessential gentleman. He adheres to a strict moral code—90% of the time. We see Don's values in the office, where he is hesitant to break his word with Mohawk Airlines, even when it means snagging a more lucrative client, American Airlines. He drinks like a gentleman (well, at least for seasons one, two, and three), and generally tempers his mouth and curbs his behavior when he's in the company of a woman. He sympathizes with the plights of others less fortunate, which we see when he gives Midge cash for her crappy "Look ma, I made this while doing heroin" painting, and in the way he tirelessly mentors Peggy.

Ninety percent of the time, do the right thing, and demand the same of your company. The other 10%, have no regard for anything but your own selfish desires. More on those later.