Author: David Thompson
Buy It: $29.40
Why You Should Own It: Before diving into a work like Thompson's, you need to get your head right. For a cookbook about a cuisine vastly different than the Euro-centric fare you grew up making, you need to put your student's cap on. This isn't the sort of cookbook you can peruse into while standing in the kitchen, one hand absentmindedly opening and closing the refrigerator door while you try and decide what to make. No, you need to sit down in a chair and read this. Study it. Then, once you've thought about these recipes, make sure you can secure the correct ingredients. If this sounds like a pain in the ass, get over it. Making something great takes time and effort. Food is often a slow process. So much of the bullshit we eat and encounter argues against that, but that's why so many people are unhealthy. Rethink your ideas about what you put in your body. A good cookbook will help you do that.

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