It’s easy to get the feeling that Ikea, the insanely popular European ready-to-assemble furniture seller, doesn’t want you shopping on its website. Why? Because if you order anything from their website bigger than a clock, the shipping and handling will cost nearly as much as the product. It would seem then that anyone looking to buy an Ikea product would have no choice but to succumb and log on to or trek to one of its many retail locations that occupy a city block and entangle you in a seemingly endless labyrinth.

Not entirely.

Jason Kottke noticed that Amazon, the online mega mall, now stocks Ikea goods. Sort of. The Ikea products available through are sold by third-party retailers, so you'll have to beware of bad sellers. Oh, also, some of the products are slightly more expensive that they would be in Ikea. But depending on what you buy, the dough you’ll save on shipping may be worth it. And if you have Amazon Prime, you're really good money when it comes to shipping. 

[via, Gizmodo]