In what might be the most low-key cameo in recent history, Conan O'Brien briefly appeared on screen on last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother

The late night host with the most actually won a cameo during a Ojai Playwrights charity auction, and rather than having a few funny lines, O'Brien chose to make a brief appearance in the background.

"When we heard Conan had won the auction, we started going through all these ideas for what he could play," said HIMYM co-creator Carter Bays. "But then we heard back: 'He just wants to be an extra.' And we realized this was really the funniest version."

Bays reasoning behind the humor of the scenario? "In New York, every now and then you'll see somebody famous at a bar, but nobody really makes a big deal out of it."

We tend to disagree. If Conan appeared on the bar stool next to us, we would do a fair share of big-deal-making. Wouldn't you?

[via Vulture]