If you live in NYC, you've probably recently thought to yourself, "what the hell happened to our winter?" It's a fair question, as we've yet to see a substantial amount of snow and watched the mercury reach past 60 degrees on multiple days. It's enough to make you wonder if this is a sign of impending doom or if it's a natural anomaly that will abate and return to normal next year. You can make such a judgement after watching this video recap of the past 14 years of U.S. weather.

Composed of 120,900 individual frames spaced an hour apart, this animation provides a look back at what's gone down meteorologically in our country May 2, 1997 to December 31, 2011 . You can see some of the major hurricanes, snow storms, and tornadoes that have greatly affected our nation.

Or, if you're simply a weather junkie, it's a cool video to take in.

[via LikeCool]