MTV's Josh Horowitz and Simon Pegg had an argument about the single most important question that plagues mankind: Is The Phantom Menace a worthy addition to the Star Wars franchise?

According to Pegg, absolutely not. Phantom Menace may be getting more screen time thanks to its 3D re-imaging, but in Pegg's mind, it's a "terrible" film can't be saved. In an amazing rant, Pegg lacerates the prequel as a "dreadful film" that is "stylistically, structurally terrible", adding that the "the characters are awful" and beratting the light-saber battle as "lights to fool boys" and "just some kung-fu"

"Everything that was cool about Star Wars is destroyed, abused and left for dead by this ponderous, meaningless story," Pegg said, leaving Horowitz to do a Jar Jar Binks impression in the wake of his clear-cut defeat.

Who do you side with here? Does The Phantom Menace stand up to the rest of the Star Wars films, or is it just an attempt to rob fanboys of their money?

[via MTV]