Baby Blue Ivy may hold the record for the youngest person ever spoofed on Saturday Night Live. She was just a swaddled, cooing bundle, but still.

In the sketch, Beyoncé (Maya RuydolphJay-Z (Jay Pharoah) are in their home with the newly born Blue Ivy and are visited by various celebrity guests coming to welcome their new child into the world. Prince (Fred Armisen), Taylor Swift (Kristin Wiig), and LL Cool J (Keenan Thompson) drop by. And, predictably, Nikki Minaj scares the baby, Angelina Jolie tries to steal her, and Bon Iver, played brilliantly by Justin Timberlake, tries to soothe the newborn but ends up putting himself to sleep instead.

Iver was flattered by his first SNL impersonation and tweeted: "Holy sh-t, i was just watching SNL and JT did a Bon Iver hilarious thing!" The Grammy winner also added, "Maya Rudolph saying 'bon iver' is enough. I can die now!!!"

[via Daily News]