First and foremost, we hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day. Maybe you were locked down, maybe you were lonely and miserable, but maybe you made a drunken mistake. Some singles go out on V-Day hoping to crash head-first into each other's hormones. Oftentimes they succeed. Still, it can make for an awkward next morning.

University of Michigan senior Kellyann Wargo (on the right) has come up with the perfect solution: the "Walk Of Shame Shuttle." For $5, you get a ride home, a bottle of water, and a $5 discount on the morning-after pill. The high-five or hug of consolation are on the house.

For a better understanding of Wargo's goals and inspiration, Jalopnik sat down with the "ambitious ginger" to uncover the game behind the game. This is how she got the idea: 

I was picking up my roommate from a guy's house, for the upteenth time, and we did our usual ritual of going to McDonald's for breakfast to discuss a typical night of poor decision making. We were sitting in the booth drinking Powerade and I was complaining, per usual, about having to pick her up all the time.
She offered to start paying me and that was the ah-ha moment, how I could pick other girls up too and charge them for, like, gas money, then just put it toward bar tabs. I am one of the few girls in my friendship circles with a car so people are always asking me to pick them up or drive them somewhere.
At the same time my mom said I was spending too much money during ten p.m. and two a.m. (she checks my credit card billing statements to monitor my fast food intake) and I needed to find a new source of income besides my parents.

There you have it. So, what's the verdict: Is this enterprise in poor taste or is it just genius? We do wonder why she had to brand it the much-maligned phrase "Walk of Shame," which reinforces stereotypes about casual sex, specifically when it comes to women. For more information, read the full interview here.

[via Jalopnik]

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