This is a clear-cut case of one too many drinks and thin-skin gone horribly awry.

Footage has finally surfaced of Dean Dinnen's chainsaw-assisted attack at The Endyke Pub in Hull. Wasted and stoned out of his mind, the 24-year-old got sensitive after being told he couldn't smoke inside of the bar. Drowning in liquor and his feelings, he went back to his crib to grab his chainsaw.

Dinnen returned to the pub, wielding the weapon in a substance-fueled raged. Other customers tossed bar stools, kegs, and pool cues at him, but that didn't stop him from tearing through 32-year-old Andrew Pryor's arm.

Pryor needed surgery, and Dinnen got three years in jail. Is being told "no" really worth going Leatherface and ending up in jail?

[via The Huffington Post]

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