Fellas: wanna make your girl feel extra special by proposing to her in style? If so, get down on Pizza Hut's engagement party package. For a clean $10,010 (plus tax), of course.

Don't fret, your money isn't being wasted at all-depending on how you view this. $10 goes towards a box stocked with a medium pan pizza, five breadsticks and cinnamon sticks for desert. It's cool that they basically give you a three-course meal, but is a large pizza too much to ask for?

Anyway, that remaining $10K goes to a legendary night out on the town, featuring limo service, a bouquet of flowers, personal fireworks display, ruby engagement ring and personal photographer and videographer to capture it all. What woman wouldn't melt at all of this?

Pizza Hut is only offering ten of these, so if you have the bread, hurry your ass up. Also, before you clown this, keep in mind that White Castle let lovers make V-Day reservations for the sixth straight year and some people have even gotten married there.

[via Nerve]

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