When it was revealed that Matt Damon was retiring from playing Jason Bourne, Universal Pictures was left in a bit of a dilemma. The Bourne series had become a cash cow for the studio, but surely it couldn't continue to put out these movies without its star, right? Well Hollywood always has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, and Universal decided to move on from Damon by creating an all-new character for the series. All they needed to do was put the word "Bourne" in the title, and fans of the series would instantly be intrigued.

Focusing on a new hero played by Jeremy Renner, The Bourne Legacy expands on the universe that Paul Greengrass perfected in The Bourne Ultimatum and Supremacy without even needing Damon in the movie. Directed and written by Tony Gilroy (the writer of all the Bourne movies), this expansion of the previous series looks like the same type of spy/espionage action-fest that we have all grown accustomed to, but treading such familiar territory doesn't have to be a bad thing. There is a certain familiarity here that is a welcome sight for such a memorable franchise.

Like the previous films, this trailer is filled with quick cuts, bone-shattering blows, and some shadowy government agents. With a stacked cast including Albert Finney, Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz, David Strathairn, and others, The Bourne Legacy looks like it will have the acting chops to go along with its eye-popping action scenes. And with Gilroy coming back to write the scripts, this might be a seamless transition for the franchise. This first trailer gives us hope that The Bourne Legacy won't be just another vapid sequel that solely exists for the purpose of making a quick buck.

There is plenty for fans of the previous Bourne movies to like here, but we won't know for sure how this movie stacks up until it is released on August 3.