Yes, that headline is serious. And, yes, that video is serious as well. Hank, a 9-year-old street cat from Springfield, Virginia, is trying to run for Senate. Really, check out his website. And Facebook page. He's even got a Twitter!

According to the Washington Post, Hank announced his candidacy earlier this month. He is described as having "real world experience, a unique point of view, and limitless energy." AKA, this is not a cat that just likes to sleep a lot? Additionally, Hank is a "proud independent," and his campaign is founded on the issue of job creation. Finally, a candidate that understands.

Hank would be running against former Virginia governors, Republican George Allen and Democrat Tim Kaine. We can only imagine how intense debates between the three of them would be.

Would you vote for Hank?

[via Washington Post]