Let's ignore the creepiness of that mugshot up there for the time being and focus on how creepy the actual story is. This 27-year-old Ohio native, Meredith Marie Lowell, was arrested by the FBI because she tried to hire a hit man over Facebook to - get this - kill everybody who wears fur. Now focus on the creepiness of that mugshot.

Lowell has a history of being a pretty notorious animal activist, and she once likened the release of lab animals to the liberation of Holocaust survivors. According to Jezebel, she wrote a post on Facebook looking for a hit man to fulfill her need, only getting more specific about what she wanted when an FBI agent posed as a hit man who was interested. She explained that she'd prefer the victims be no younger than 12, but preferably older than 14, and that she'd like to be there when it happened to hand out "papers" about the fur industry. Also, the victims would have to die within two minutes, and that it "should not be anyone I currently know and definitely should not be anyone my family knows." She offered about $850 initially, only to lower it down to $100 plus some gold jewelry when the FBI agent began conversing with her. 

She was arrested in her home and charged with solicitation to commit murder. It's not too clear whether or not she actually knew that she was doing, because upon her arrest, Lowell expressed "disbelief in one exchange that she could be arrested for soliciting a murder over the Internet." Lesson learned, we hope.

[via Jezebel]

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