The Black Lips are the kind of rock n' roll band you could take home to see your mom—if your mom likes puke, nudity, pills, drinking beer, and throwing beer at people (sidebar: if your mom likes these things, we want to come home with you, too). In short, the Black Lips are the hardest working, gnarliest flower-punk rock band in the world right now (their 2011 Mark Ronson-produced Arabia Mountain is one of our favorite records of the past year).

Based out of Atlanta, the Lips have spent the past decade touring the planet more or less constantly. We recently brought the three surviving founding members of the group (drummer Joe Bradley, guitarist Cole Alexander, bassist Jared Swilley) back to the place it all began, the suburban wasteland of Dunwoody, Georgia, where they grew up. Needless to say, shenanigans ensued, including vandalism, burger-eating, and more vandalism. Turns out you can go back home! (Make sure you don't forget your spray paint.)